Welcome to the Wild BC Salmon!

This site has been created in response to growing concern over the security and viability of the British Columbian wild salmon populations.

These creatures are the cultural, economic and environmental backbone of coastal British Columbia, yet their survival is being threatened by perilous aquaculture practises. The insufficient regulations, improper practices and inappropriate farm sitings associated with British Columbia’s current aquaculture industry all significantly weaken the ability of wild salmon to flourish. Particular concern is directed at the abundance of sea lice that grow in fish farms and transfer to juvenile wild salmon as they migrate from their birth rivers towards the ocean. Scientists have discovered alarmingly high mortality rates in juvenile salmon infected with sea lice. These fish desperately require protection from the mass sea lice exposure caused by open-net farms.

In April 2007, a small group of concerned citizens, accompanied by a television film crew, travelled to Knight Inlet and the Broughton Archipelago to explore the effects of the open-net fish farming operations in the area. They met with a range of community members, First Nations leaders and noted scientists and discovered a strong, unified concern for the welfare of the local environment and its wild salmon population. The televised results of this trip aired on Global TV News during the week of May 7-11, 2007.

Through education and discussion, leading to actions, this website aims to help ensure the survival and protection of the Pacific wild salmon and the coastal environment. We welcome you to continue to visit this space as updates will occur regularly, and we encourage you to explore the links to other important informative sites that share a common concern for British Columbia’s wild salmon.

The ultimate goal is to facilitate public education, awareness and scientific research with respect to coastal BC fish farming and the impact on wild salmon stocks in the Broughton Archipelago.

The objective is to promote the development of environmentally sound fish farming practices, on coastal BC.